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lunedì 7 dicembre 2009

Dear strikers

1) The Milanese committee for Primo Marzo 2010 has been set up. Now we are attending at the drawing up of the Primo Marzo 2010 manifesto. We are also getting in touch with some people out of Facebook.
For joining the committee, entering for the mailing list and information, please write to;
2) About the logo, it is on the home straight. A very good and committed artist from Sicily is working for it.
As we have said many times, we have to go out from Facebook and create committees all over the country. If you think you could contribute, please let us know. What you need at the moment is only good will and a good contact network.
Please, remember our aims:
1) We want to show to the public opinion how much important and decisive are the immigrants for our country;
2) We want to struggle against racism, ignorance and indifference.
We say again the work abstension may be not for everybody. What is really important is that we succeed in giving a strong signal that day. But sharing our ideas is very important too. The discussion area on Facebook serves to this purpose, but as you know there is also a blog ( and of course you could write to the address

Thank you very much and have a nice time

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